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Dr. Scott Grainger & Dr. Jaime Shaver-Grainger

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Name: Barbara Tarca

Health Problems: (Prior to-True Health Chiropractic)

High blood pressure 5. T.M.J Pain

Back Pain

7. Sinus Problems

Treatments tried before Chiropractic (True Health):Traditional Chiropractors who used heat and tens units for treatment (no real plan for my care), Physical Therapy, Medicines, and Shots for pain all of which did not work-short term pain relief.

Changes in health since chiropractic care @ True Health Chiropractic:

  • Able to do things I was not able to do before being treated by Dr. Jaime
  • Eating right foods thanks to the information given to me by Dr. Jaime
  • Eating foods without hormones/antibiotics/eating grass fed beef
  • Eating free range chicken, organic vegetables, foods and spices
  • Thanks to Dr. Jaime a lot of my health questions are answered
  • Besides being adjusted when x-rayed again after 3 months of treatment I had so much improvement it was a miracle

Thinking I had done everything there was to be done for me to be healthy (with no positive results) I just about gave up. I prayed a lot about moving to S.C. (like about four years-cause Debby wanted me to live with her and the family) well since my boys were grown and when I told them what I might be doing-they were alright with it. So here I am in S.C. it seems God really wanted me to be here. He put a lot of people in my life that helped me in different ways. The best way was taking a class at Barefoot University called "Winning the Race" taught be Dr. Jaime Shaver. Thanks to all I learned in the class I decided to go to her as my Chiropractor (which she is) and then the miracles began.

I first had a free consultation and all the things explained to me I agreed to them and started treatments with Dr. Jaime. The first appointment was x-rays along with a treatment plan which included a 3x/week adjustment schedule. This at first was hard on my body but Dr. Jaime listened to me and worked at my body's pace. Whatever questions I had Dr. Jaime always had the answer-like all about fibromyalgia and that sugar inflames the muscles making fibro worse. She taught me how to eat right-and gave me recipes. When I told her my feet hurt she scanned them and they were way off. She ordered me orthotics which help my feet and my back.

Dr. Jaime is a miracle worker who will do anything to help her patients. I am living proof. I thank God every day for putting her in my life. She is a saint who works through God as his vessel and gives all the glory to God. There are many other things she has helped me through. God is definitely using her in many ways in many people lives. Thank you God for Dr. Jaime being a part of my life. And thank you Dr. Jaime for being you. xoxoxoxoxo


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